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Pie for Une

24 Nov

I meander around the interwebs a lot.  Too much probably.  Thats when I came across this AH-mazing idea.

Single serve pies from Our Best Bites.

Brilliant.  I love pie, I mean who doesn’t?  Its so annoying to have to make a full pie then not be able to eat the whole thing.  I also dislike buying pies because I am a control freak in the kitchen.  I like homemade stuff, I like my cooking and baking.

I can quite often and have these jars in stock, they hold about 8 oz which is perfect for an individual sized pie.

Since tomorrow is Thanksgiving, I decided on pumpkin pie, a traditional pumpkin pie recipe from Martha Stewart, of course!

This also solves my problem of what to do with all the lids I have used from canning.  You can’t reuse them when making jam, but I have a drawer full of them and now I can use them for Pie for Une.

I made 2 kinds, the classic pumpkin, then separated 2 servings, added a tablespoon of adobo chili powder and some cayenne pepper, for a chipotle pumpkin pie.  Its not very spicy, but has a kick under the sweet.  Now they are in the freezer and ready to be baked for whenever.

I would defrost them before putting in a hot oven, its still glass and can break with a rapid change of temperature.