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22 Apr
If you don’t know what Kombucha is, your probably not alone. I think that unless you are the super hippie/natural foods/new age/organic tip line you have no idea what it is. Or you have seen it at Whole Foods and then saw the floaties in it and thought “Hell NO”.

Hey, I used to agree with that statement. The first Kombucha I tried was a Synergy mango drink, and it was so effervescent and vinegary tasting that I couldn’t drink, and I love vinegar on everything! I mixed it with half a bottle of Pellegrino and finished it, as to not waste money, it was like $4! Thats a lot for 16oz. After a while I tried another flavor, then another, then I found myself buying a couple every Friday, then some to keep in my fridge throughout the week.

So what the hell is it? Kombucha is a fermented tea drink that has been used for centuries for medicinal healing. According to GT’s brand he starting cultivating it when his mother was battling breast cancer and it helped her a lot. Kombucha is chock full of amino acids, enzymes and probiotics. Early research reports of the drink are listing benefits for stomach, digestive, and intestinal disorders. There are also claims that it helps with cancer therapy, obesity, treating arthritis, constipation, impotence, and kidney stones. I found that information here.

The only claim I can say is true is the probiotics, I drink this when my stomach hurts, and it helps a lot.  I have recommended it to people who are sick and they felt a lot better afterwards.  I enjoy drinking it, but unfortunately its an expensive habit. I don’t like spending that much money on a puny little 16oz. I do believe in the drink and I’m all about probiotics, especially since when I get sick it always seems to be stomach ailments. So what to do now?

Home brew.

So I brewed up some Bucha last week and its been in glass jars for 7 days now. The mushroom is forming, looks gross and its really annoying because the scent is attracting a plethora of fruit flies.
After some googling I found that they can live off the gas that is evaporating from the containers.
I’ll never get rid of these fucks. I even put the containers in the oven and they got in there.

Oh well. Here are some pictures (and the recipe) of what’s been done. I will take photos of the mushroom a bit later.

You need 1 gallon of purified or filtered water, 1.5 cups of sugar, and about 6-8 bags of black tea.

Bring water to boil, add sugar, stir and add tea bags, turn heat source off.

Let steep for 10 minutes

Add mixture to large glass 1 gallon container and bring to room temperature. This takes a while. I added an ice water mix to the pot I boiled it in and set the tea mixture inside it, one at a time until it cooled.

Once the tea has cooled to room temperature, add a bottle of the 100% raw unprocessed GT’s Kombucha. I used the original formula, which is the only one you’ll want to use. I used the already made stuff because I didn’t have a Kombucha mother and I didn’t want to buy one online when I could make one myself.

Cover the top with a paper towel or cloth and seal around with a rubber band, this allows the tea to breath, as the bacteria will need oxygen to survive and breed. Store in an area that isn’t in direct sunlight, I had it on the bottom of my kitchen cart then moved it over to the oven.