Blackberry & Kiwi Jam

8 May

I haven’t thought of a name for this jam yet.  I’m into weird names or nicknames for things I make.  Lately I have been considering song titles, I will make a jam that is deemed appropriate to be named “Bad Romance” I am thinking this one could be it, but I would need a tasting panel for final vote.

Anywho.  The deets.

This jam is ah-mazingly delicious.  The jams I have been making lately are more for english muffins or baguettes.  This one however, will be perfect for the classic PB&J.  Its been a while!

2 Pints Blackberries
7 Kiwis
1 Lemon
1 Cup Sugar
1 Low sugar/no sugar pectin pack

Kiwi’s must be season right now, as they are on sale for 5/$1.00 at my local Henry’s.  I used to have the perfect little list of seasonal fruits and vegetables arranged by month, but I have no idea what happened to it.  :/

Peel and rinse all the kiwis.  You could go through the hassle of using an actual peeler, I use a small knife.  Clean the berries and juice the lemon, set aside the lemon juice.

Using a non-reactive pot, ie stainless steel, put your kiwis in and berries on about medium heat.  I cover them and let the fruit get warm, then I can go in with a potato masher and smush them all.  I haven’t yet bought a immersion blender, even though every time I am on Amazon I look at it and read tons of reviews.  Then later curse myself in the kitchen.

So obviously, next step is mushing.  Once that is done, stir in lemon juice and increase heat to medium/high.  Add your pectin, stir well, then add your sugar, blend until its all dissolved.

Increase heat to get a rapid boil that you cannot stir away.  Cook for 3 minutes.

Turn off heat and begin canning procedures, boil in a water bath, or freeze.

Makes about 6 jars.  


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