Tropic Thunder: Pineapple Habanero Jam

24 Apr

This ain’t yo mama’s jam.  Or your Grandmama’s for that matter.

Pineapple Habanero Jam.  I saw the idea on a Chowhound forum.  However, they added like 15 habaneros, without the seeds or ribs, and like 6 cups of sugar.  RIDICULOUS!

Pineapples are naturally sweet and acidic, which helps keep the entire batch maintain an acidic level for canning. I don’t think they is any reason to add a lot of sugar to any jam, personally.

2 Pineapples, free of skin
3 Habanero peppers with seeds and rib pieces
1 Cup Sugar
1 Pack low sugar pectin
3 Limes, juiced
Sea Salt

Sounds like a cocktail, I know.  I almost added rum, however I don’t have rum in my house, that’s the only reason.

I cut my first pineapple in half, then blended 1/2 of that and the other pineapple until is was smoothie consistency.  The other half I cut in fourths and cut them into thin triangular slices.  This was mostly for vanity in the jars, you’ll have the cloudy yellow of the pineapple, the diced peppers and thin triangles of pineapple in your canning jar.

I would suggest you wear gloves for cutting habaneros, I always do.  Dice your peppers into fine little pieces, nothing too microscopic.

Juice your limes, the 3 of them should yield almost 1/3 cup.

Add your Pineapple and peppers to a non reactive pot, ie stainless steel, or a Le Creuset French oven, which is what I always use.

Bring mixture to medium heat, almost bringing it to a boil.  I let it cook for about 10 minutes, because the blended pineapple is so foamy.  It brings it down a bit.

Add sugar and pectin, bring to a rapid boil that you can’t stir down.  Boil for 3 minutes.

Lower heat and add in lime juice, blend, and add about 3 grinds of sea salt.  Not a lot, just a tiny bit to balance out the acid.

Turn off heat and follow canning procedures, and seal in a water bath.
 Makes about 6 jars. 


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