Kombucha Bottling

22 Apr
During the last 3 weeks the Kombucha brew has been going on in my kitchen. Its no effort on my part, I periodically check the progress and then shoo away fruit flies. Today I bottled up one batch. The other batch looked like some mold grew on it, so I decided not to take a risk and threw it out.

I’ve used a lot of different juices to mix with the original solution.  The one I have found to be the best is Welch’s 100% juice, blueberry pomegranate mix.  Trust me, its the best.  I’ve tried juices from Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods.  The Santa Cruz juices are okay, I have used the passion fruit and apricot juice with good results.  If you like the original taste then just bottle that.  Here is a picture of the SCOBY.

To jar up your kombucha, add 20z or 1/4 cup of juice to each bottle.  Then add the kombucha brew, leaving some head space.  I kept all my GT’s Kombucha jars to reuse for bottling, they are the best to use, believe me, I tried other jars, they didn’t work.  Seal the bottles tightly and store on the counter or shelf out of direct sunlight.  Keep there for 3 days, on the afternoon of the third day, move bottles to the fridge.  The 3 days allows the bacteria to process the extra sugar from the juice, this also adds carbonation, which to me is essential.

If you are going to brew your own you want to save 15-25% of the first tea batch and the SCOBY, you can either start a new batch immediately or put it in the fridge (which will halt bacteria growth). I just put another gallon of water on to boil, so another batch! Since the weather has been so hot here I think it will grow a lot better this time and faster.


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